Hey there! I’m Brittani and I’m your photographer 🙂

First off, I’m the mother to two super cute boys who make my world go ’round and I’ve been married to my handsome husband for 8 years now. When I’m not doing photography you’ll find me hanging out with my kiddos, absorbed in a book, baking mountains of cupcakes or re-watching the entire Supernatural series for the third or fourth (okay or fifth) time! 😉

I’ve just recently gotten into working out and holy whoa do I love it! Which is a huge shock to me, because I hate to sweat! Who knew?
I love to laugh and when I do, I do it loudly! I’m very blunt and honest – to a fault you might say! I tend to use way too many exclamation marks and smiley faces and I absolutely LOVE gifs and memes. I think I could make a killing working as a gif and meme creator. That’s a thing right? Seriously. O_O <- my wide-eyed serious face.

I cry at almost every commercial that has just the slightest bit of emotion involved in it. I’m constantly hiding my face or trying to pretend I wasn’t just weeping at the darn Campbell’s soup commercial! If there was a shaking fist emoji, I’d insert about a dozen here now…
I was born and raised in St. Augustine, Florida and I know the words to every Disney movie, including the songs. Correction: most importantly the songs!
I feel an overwhelming desire to help people and when I see or hear of someone in need, I immediately start brainstorming how I’ll be able to help them…I’ll often fantasize about winning the lottery so I can just surprise people with gifts.
My husband, of course would freak out if I just started throwing money at everyone. (There’s a gif for exactly what I’m describing right now, by the way…) Did I mention I love gifs and memes? 😀 Also, have I mentioned my love for the show Supernatural? 😀 Yeah..


I know a lot of photographers that first fell in love with photography at a super young age; their dad or grandparent gave them a really old film camera and encouraged them from the beginning to follow their dreams. I really love reading those stories. I wish mine were like that. They always make me cry, ha. (see above..haaaa) But honestly, for me? It wasn’t until I was around 14 that I got into photography. I wish I had a cool story buuut I don’t 😉
I was on my way home from a youth camp and while on the road, I had spotted some clouds that reminded me of eagles. I grabbed my super awesome Kodak disposable, wound it up and snapped a photo right through the windshield. I had no way of knowing how it would turn out..it was just a simple wind, click and hope for gold! Once I’d had the film developed and found the picture, I knew my Nanakins was going to flip for it!
So after tucking it into a small frame and presenting it to her, that was the moment I realized “Hey, this feels awesome!” taking a photo that moves someone to tears with love and gratitude? Pshhh, yeah sign me up for that! I could definitely get used to that 😉 So my start into photography was a selfish one…I wanted to feel good by delivering images that made people cry. That’s okay, right? 😉



I remember growing up in a single-parent household. Pictures were not something my mom could afford. I think I remember having my photo taken once or twice? But that was it! The rest of the photos you’ll see of my brother and I when we were growing up were simple snapshots here and there and the occasional awesome school photo. Boy, did I look handsome! 😛 Not that we (my mom and I) don’t love and appreciate those, because I’m so happy I have them to look at and show my little boys! But looking at them made me realize that photography isn’t something that everyone can afford. I wanted to be able to offer quality photography that everyone could afford.

So, while you’re here browsing my site (welcome, welcome btw!) and you come across my Investments page – please do not be deterred by the prices there. I want to photograph you and your family! I want to be able to capture those precious moments for you that you’ll have to look back on for ages!

Talk to me about my payment plan. Talk to me about my discounts. (Military? Yep. Police? Yep. Fireman? Yep.) Let’s make it work! Because I know we can. 😉

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