Birthday Number 33

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Yesterday was my birthday and I took the entire day off from any and all things house related. My children were fed but it was a “Home Holiday” so we didn’t do school yesterday either. If you aren’t already aware, we’re a homeschooling family, so we’re able to take these breaks!

I spent the day before my birthday, mentally preparing for doing nothing. Is that strange? Like..I made sure my floors were vacuumed, mopped, dishes all clean and put away, laundry was sorted and everything was basically just in order before I went to bed.

I spent the first part of my birthday cuddled in bed with my 4 year old, playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch. After about half an hour of that, we got up and each had a massive bowl of Froot Loops – one of my all time favorite cereals lol. I don’t often eat it because it’s not exactly a super low point breakfast option for me, but hey it was my birthday and I was treating myself 😉 My husband was able to finish up work a bit early so he brought home pizza and Starbucks (hallleeelluuujaaaaah) After I polished off my pizza and caffeine, I took a shower and then soaked in my tub with the jets going full blast. It was a great afternoon of relaxation and splurging on some my favorite foods. 😀

My mom brought me flowers and we made plans to go to dinner at Longhorn later that evening. Crazy enough, or is crazy? Maybe we’ll just call it fate;) my birthday twin aka cousin aka bff aka closest-thing-to-a-sister had plans for a birthday dinner at Longhorn as well! So a little background family is full of Aquarians. Like..9 of us I believe? So my cousin and I share a birthday, my other cousin (her sister) is a week before ours, my brother is 3 days after ours, and then I mean..shall I really go on? Needless to say, we’ve always done something together with the family. This year just didn’t work out and that’s cool..I told my Aunt that I would let it slide, but next year we’re going back to tradition 😉

So yeah…it was like..FATE brought us all together at Longhorn last night 😉 we were able to get a table for all of us and it was just a great time spent with family. My husband and our youngest share a birthday and I tease him a little about how his birthday just kinda takes a backseat now that we’ve got a kiddo with the same birthday. I personally love sharing my birthday with my cousin. She’s one of my favorite people on this entire planet and I wouldn’t want to share my birthday with anyone else!

ANYWAY. My boys gave me such thoughtful and heartwarming gifts and I totally cried over the cards. My hubs, besides showering me with kindness, also replaced my Apple Pencil that I bought myself for my birthday last year and then lost in our move (omg..I was SO distraught – I’m talking DAILY – when I thought about it being lost) on top of things I had mentioned to him over the last year that I would like, so he just covered all the bases. He’s pretty much the best ever anyway but of course then my birthday comes around and he just goes and out does himself again 😉 <3

Here are some snapshots from my day yesterday!

After getting home from the restaurant, I asked my hubs to snap a couple photos of the boys and I. It’s so easy for me to NOT have pictures of me and my kids because I’m the one who is always taking them. Timehop brought up photos from my birthday last year, when we were up in Utah, and I got a little weepy seeing how much they’ve grown over the last year. So here are me and my favorite boys in the world! <3

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