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My name is Robyn Echols. Zina Abbott is the pen I use for my historical novels. I’m a member of Women Writing the West and Western Writers of America. I currently live with my husband in California’s central valley near the “Gateway to Yosemite.”

I love to read, quilt, work with digital images on my photo editing program, and work on my own family history.

I am a blogger. In addition to my own blog, I blog for several group blogs including the Sweet Americana Sweethearts blog, which I started and administer.





Will Virginia’s chosen vocation

fill the empty spaces in her heart?


It is 1858. With both parents dead,

Virginia Atwell lives with her older brother, Jefferson, and his family in

Booneville, Missouri. Under the pseudonym, V. A. Wellington, she secretly has

been submitting articles to a well-respected investigative journal about

controversial topics. To her dismay, she learns her family plans to buy new

farmland in the wilds of central Kansas Territory, making it almost impossible

for her to continue her clandestine article submissions. More importantly,

Virginia is terrified of the prospect of living so close to hostile Indian

tribes and dying by their hands because they resent white Americans moving onto

their traditional buffalo hunting grounds.


Virginia persuades her brothers to

give her a share of their parents’ inheritance so she may attend one of the few

colleges in Ohio that accepts female students. There, she finds Avery Wilson,

one of her professors and fellow boarder at Bettina Calloway’s boarding house,

resentful of female students, conceited and annoying, especially after his

criticism and resentment directed towards the author, V. A. Wellington, whose

articles are published while his submissions are rejected.


Virginia’s publisher insists V. A.

Wellington meet with him in person in St. Louis to discuss a new assignment.

When her landlady insists she cannot travel alone, Avery, curious about

Virginia’s secretive meeting and unable to resist his growing attraction to the

irritating but brilliant student, offers to escort her.


Once the editor discovers his star

contributor is a woman, he refuses to send her to write about conditions on the

Kaw reservation and the proposed treaty the government intends to impose on the

natives. Hoping to favorably impress the editor, Avery offers to pose as

Virginia’s fiancé in order to accompany and protect her on her assignment. Her

heart goes out to the Kaw, but what can fill the empty spaces of her heart?



Vocation is also part of the author’s Atwell Kin series








gray eyes that studied her conveyed no warmth. With a sinking feeling, Virginia

forced a slight upturn of her lips and nodded a greeting. Until they were

formally introduced, it would be impolite for her to initiate a conversation.

However, he did not need to speak for her to know he did not welcome her







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