Autumn/Halloween Countdown Blitz 2019 – Day 10

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Jace lives in Arizona with my family,

wife and five kids and a little dog. He writes fiction, thrillers and soft

sci-fi with a little short horror on the side. He holds an MBA and works in

finance for a biotechnology firm.

Jace volunteers with the Boy Scouts, plays and writes music, and enjoys

everything outdoors. He’s also a novice photographer.




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Spend an afternoon antiquing and it’s

not hard to figure out why picking has become one of America’s fondest

pastimes. It’s treasure hunting while connecting with history. But what if

those treasures hunt us back?




From old books, to vinyl records, antique mirrors, vintage figurines, or a

Bob’s Big Boy piggy bank, curses have no limits.

Featuring stories from D.J. Butler, Joy Auburn, Martin L. Shoemaker, Jessica

Guernsey, John D. Payne, Jen Bair, Karen Pellett, Steve Ruskin, Tanya Hales,

Lauren Lang, Frank Morin, Mike Jack Stoumbous, Kelly Lynn Colby, Jace Killan,

Jo Schneider, Gama Ray Martinez, Martin Greening, Chris Abela, A.J. Mayall,

Heidi A. Wilde, Shannon Fox, Lauryn Christopher, and Mark Leslie Lefebvre.


All proceeds of this book go to the Don Hodge

Scholarship Fund for writers





After Gary leaves, I close the store

and clutch the cylinder with both hands. Touching the wax, feeling the grooves

cut by that madman Shachar all those years ago warms me. It’s the only thing

that makes me feel warm these days, winter and summer alike. It makes me feel

full, too. It’s a blanket, a mistress, food, and drink, all at once.





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