Beautiful Soldier by EM Moore

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Where do I even begin?

I am so obsessed with this series that with each review I feel like I’m not doing it justice, because no matter how much I want to express my love of the series, I feel like it’s not fully coming across lol

I absolutely, truly and sincerely loved this book.

While reading I literally jumped, squealed, clapped my hands and did all those embarrassing things—that WE ALL DO, don’t try to deny it 🤣—because of how much it made me feel!

The character growth is PHENOMENAL.

It had me trembling and teary, breathing hard and fanning myself and holy crap biting my nails with anticipation!

Beautiful Soldier is a gut-wrenching, heart pounding, lip biting … going-to-have-you-desperately-weeping-for-more book!

EM Moore absolutely killed me in the best way with the third installment of this series.

Her writing blows me away every time I read her words!

Her characters are beautiful and complex yet tragic and real. I’m always excited when picking up a book by her. Always.

I am trembling (yeah, seriously I am lol) with excitement over the next book, Knockout Queen!

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