Aspen (Dragon Kings #2) by Kimberly Loth – Review

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Aspen by Kimberly Loth (Dragon Kings #2) Review

Ahhhhhh you guys! If you’ve come here right after reading Obsidian, I won’t be spoiling anything for you, so never fear!
But holy SMOKES. What a freaking crazy wild ride with this book. I obviously don’t want to give anything away but I’m pretty sure I read this faster than I did Obsidian, lol, and that’s saying something! Normally if I’m reading a series, I don’t read the next book until I’ve already finished writing my review for the previous one. You know, I don’t want to confuse either book and I definitely don’t want to give anything away.
Well..I didn’t wait to do that. I wasn’t able to stop myself. And while I had every intention to write this review BEFORE starting book #3 (which is titled Valentine) I just couldn’t do it! Valentine was calling to me and well..yeah I just answered that call and started it immediately! I already know that I’m going to be burning the midnight oil to finish this series because it feels like I won’t be able to take a full deep breath until I’ve completed it. It’s killing me! I have to know everything. I HAVE TO! Lol Okay that’s a touch dramatic, but it is what it is! 😉
Anyway. Okay, hmm. What can I say that won’t give anything away..not much really..because SO much happens.
Side note – UGH how much do we all love Rowan? I freaking love his face! I hope we get to see more of him soon. And by see, I mean things from his POV (obviously!)

My heart was pounding and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough!

Definitely, definitely definitely get your hands on book two immediately! That is if you haven’t already 😉

Kimberly Loth
(Dragon Kings, #2)
Publication date: April 4th 2016
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

Death came with one snap of the jaws…and suddenly everything changed. Sid thought the deaths would end when Marcellus died. But he thought wrong.Reeling from the loss of those around him, Sid sets off, not only to avenge the deaths of those he loves, but also to find a way to save his own life.But the closer he gets to answers, the more people he puts in danger.Only Sid has the power to end the killer’s reign. But it might cost him the one thing he holds most precious.Download now to find the answer the one question everyone’s been asking:Is Aspen alive?

About Kimberly:

Kimberly Loth has lived all over the world. From the isolated woods of the Ozarks to exotic city of Cairo. Currently she resides in Tucson, Arizona with her family including an old grumpy cat named Max.

She’s been writing for ten years and is the author of the Amazon bestselling series The Dragon Kings. In her free time she volunteers at church, reads, and travels as often as possible.

She loves talking to school groups and book clubs. For more information about having her come speak at your school or event contact her at

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