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Lauraine Henderson began writing as a child,

poems and journaling, until babies, building houses, and bookkeeping jobs

usurped her world. Now, well established in Oregon and with the children grown,

she devotes her time to writing her favorite genre, clean romance.


Years of

life experience translate into plots, calamities, and happily-ever-afters as

she writes her inspirational and romantic stories about fictional people who

seem so real, you’ll want to know what happens after the book ends!

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Allison Lockwood and Gavin Hunt have

been offered the chance to take over the Lazy Daisy Inn and Campground so their

respective grandparents, the current owners, can retire and marry. It seems all

too easy for Ally and Gavin to prove themselves during the six-month probationary

period until they’re fighting disasters at the campground and failing at

over-optimistic baking expectations.


As Ally and Gavin slowly explore their growing attraction, they help each other

fight fires, endure raging storms, and share a few passionate kisses. But

there’s more than fires to fight when Ally’s grandfather disapproves of their

budding romance and Ally is convinced Gavin has a girlfriend in the wings…a

girlfriend expecting his baby!


Ride along as the two unlikely innkeepers figure out how they fit in their new

life and learn the lesson taught by the Daisies in the Driveway.



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“They’re daisies.”

“Yeah, that doesn’t explain why we

need to keep them when they’re making the driveway look tacky.”

“Not tacky. They represent the spirit

of the inn.” Ally could see she wasn’t getting through to him by the lift of

his eyebrows and the smile hovering around his mouth. She struggled to find the

words and couldn’t explain, even to herself, why this was suddenly so

important. “The inn is this place where people can get away from the real world

and take time to relax. It’s a place where everyone fits in and can find


A look of understanding crept across

Gavin’s face.

Ally trudged on. “The daisies that

grow wild are the same. They need to be able to flourish even when they land in

obscure places. The image of the inn…oh, how do I say this?”

“You’re doing fine. I’m all ears.”

Ally threw him a look, but she

couldn’t be sure if he was being patronizing or genuine. The episode in the

kitchen that morning was still echoing in her mind. “The daisies in the

flowerbeds are there because we planted them. They are welcome and cultivated.

They are like the people who’ve done everything right and have found their way

in the world.”

Gavin nodded and Ally took it for


“The daisies in the driveway are like

the people who are trying to fit in and they get close, but they’re a little

wild, yet desperate to be accepted. They need a place in this world, too. They

need the same love and care the cultivated daisies get. It’s like the story in

the scriptures of the seeds that fall by the wayside. If they land in good

soil, they still grow and bear good fruit, even though they’re not in the place

where the gardener wanted them originally. These daisies are still providing us

with beautiful flowers. They deserve the chance to succeed.”

“They do?”

“Yes. They need our love and care

because they’re trying harder and need more help.”

“Like people who are trying to fit



“Like you and me.”


“Well, when you put it like that, yes,

like you and me.”






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