Heartless by Ivy Fox – Review

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Heartless (The Privileged of Pembroke High) by Ivy Fox – Review

First off – holy gorgeous cover! Am I right? I mean, look at this thing..it’s beautiful! I’m trying to come to terms with the fact that I am, in fact, a book cover snob. I try so so hard NOT to be, but I’m afraid that’s just the way the good Lord made me. You know..I think I should put together a list of books that the cover did not impress me, but the story did- because there are actually several of those!

So now for my actual review of this story! I’ll try not to ramble -..keyword: try..-

The blurb of this book, which I’ve included along with the cover, just down below, really intrigued me. I’ve been on a bullymance kick lately and when reading the blurb- I knew I needed it in my life! Ivy writes a really great story, with a lot of build up in the beginning part of the book. Well, I feel like there’s build up in the middle as well. To be honest, I was sort of bored for the first bit of the book because I was just so anxious for things to start getting juicy. None of that is the authors fault lol, that’s just me and my impatient self lol but wwwwwooooow..let me tell you..when that insane tension finally did come? … Just wow. It made every single word before it, worth it. The wait was SO worth it!

This sucker ends on a HUGE, massive cliffhanger. But it’s a good cliffhanger too. It’s the kind of cliffhanger that if it were a movie? You would be jumping out of your seat screaming, “WHAT THE HELL!? YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!” — but when you get home, you can’t stop thinking about it..or talking about it with basically every living, breathing creature within 5 feet of you. You also start searching every possible website for more information on the next installment because you’re so desperate to know when you get answers!

Make sure you check out the cover below and also add this to your TBR or if you have Kindle Unlimited, just go ahead and get it right away 😉 Links are listed below!

I had their love once.

They saw me for the girl I am and the person I yearn to become one day—a woman who thrives in her freedom and dances away in her rightfully earned independence.

They saw all the strong, unafraid parts of me, and coaxed each one of them out, daring me to dream bigger, climb higher.

They never once saw the girl I had been groomed to see in the mirror.

The abandoned daughter of a dead man.

The unwanted child of a woman who despised her.

The broken body formed wrong and built on a shaky foundation, threatening to fall apart and shatter.

They made all the ugliness disappear and left only wonder and promise. The love we shared for each other was probably the only miracle I would be granted in this life, and I knew they felt the same.

Or so I thought.

Everything I held dear has been robbed from me, and I’ve been a victim of theft too many times to mention.

I will not have them steal my pride.

They can keep my heart, for all I care.

The day they became my stepbrothers, it stopped working anyway.

Heartless is the first book in The Privileged of Pembroke High trilogy which ends in a cliffhanger.

This is a bully/enemy-to-lovers, #whychoose, new adult contemporary romance, full-length novel.

*Recommended 18+ due to mature language, adult situations, and sensitive content.


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About Ivy:

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Ivy Fox is a lover of books, coffee, and chocolate!
She lives a blessed life, surrounded by her two most important men – her husband and son. She also doesn’t mind living with the fictional characters in her head that can’t seem to shut up. Books and romance are her passion. A strong believer in happy endings and that love will always prevail in the end. Both in life and in fiction.

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