Mini Projects: Day 2

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So…if you read my blog yesterday, you may recall me mentioning how horrible my desk was; how if I were to NOT go in the order that I had written out my mini projects, that I was leaning towards doing my desk and desk drawer today. WELP. That’s exactly happened.

I really felt like I was drowning in STUFF while sitting here yesterday writing. It was ridiculous! My desk is where I work on a variety of things. My blog, my book, my photography, homeschooling my kiddos, etc. It’s my central hub for all things information. I honestly need a NEW desk because as I was wiping this one down, I’m surprised it didn’t wobble into a giant heap of composite. Because it’s definitely not solid wood, ha. birthday is coming up..maybe I should hint to my hubby that him building me a desk would make quite the birthday gift! 😉

Anyway! I’m not going to ramble onnnnn and on today because I was interrupted no less than THIRTY-FIVE times while attempting to complete this mini project today. Now I’m sure if I had tackled just cleaning out my junk drawer in the kitchen I wouldn’t have been interrupted as much. But seeing as my office is where we do school a lot of the time and it’s normal for there to be constant questions and such in my office, I was just bound to be interrupted. Thankfully this is a MINI PROJECT and me being interrupted constantly did NOT keep me from completing it!

So here we go super messy and claustrophobia-inducing desk and desk drawer in all it’s glory.


I wanted to make sure I captured just how “deep” the pile went that was on my desk BEFORE I even emptied the drawer out. Not pictured is the mini trash bag of trash I cleaned out, but..just rest easy knowing it exist 😉

If I had NOT been interrupted while doing this project, I would have had it completed it in about 20-30 minutes but with my interruptions it took me just over an hour.

And now…my wobbly and clean desk reveal! haha

My desk drawer might not look super organized to the untrained eye but let me assure is. As I said, I homeschool, so I need tape, scissors, pencil sharpeners, two bags worth of pens, markers, etc and of course a box of my favorite pencils. Oh and can’t forget the tape measure!

And since I know you’ve all zoomed in to check out the gorgeous custom art that sits upon my desk, I went ahead and photographed my custom pieces so you can enjoy them all up close. 😉

So the flower is a gift from Aiden for Mothers Day in 2011. He was a brand new 2 year old and he colored it for me and I cried my eyes out when he gave it to me. The box was a gift from my boys as well. Not pictured here is what actually sits inside the box. There are two special acorns that each of my boys found and drew faces on.

This LOVE sign was also a gift from my boys. It sits in front of one of the very last photos of my Nanakins and I with my two cousins. I wouldn’t trade these pieces of art for the “fanciest” art pieces anywhere. They are my favorite things sitting on my desk. 🙂


So I hope you guys had a great DAY  TWO of Mini Projects and if you’re doing this with me, I’d love to see your progress or just hear about it! So post your photos on FB and/or IG using the hashtag #BHminiprojects so I can see! Or leave a comment below and let me know how you’re doing and what you’re thinking of it so far! OOORRRR if you haven’t started this and you’re thinking you want too..tell me that too so I can make sure to thennnn tell you it’s not too late to start and I’ll be cheering for you! I want everyone to feel as awesome as I do when I scratch something off this mini projects list!

Until tomorrow guys!


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