Mini Projects: Day 3

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So today (or actually yesterday seeing as I’m just now getting the time to sit and write this the following day..) I tackled the junk drawer in my kitchen. It’s crazy how fast things accumulate in these little spaces. Not only does it happen quickly, but it’s like these little spaces are also magic. Like it’s got some Timelord technology and they’re bigger on the inside!

Any Doctor Who fans? Hmmmm? Well..SOMEONE got my joke. Lol

Here’s a group of snapshots from my project! There was NO way I could simply put things on the counter behind me to organize everything, it needed to be all put into a laundry basket and then taken to the FLOOR to sit down and put things into piles because it was just SO MUCH stuff!

I mean..guys seriously..look at this..


I mentioned before about how I always save birthday and thank you cards, etc and you know what I found in this drawer? Baby shower cards from my FIRST PREGNANCY ALMOST 10 YEARS AGO. You know what was among them?

To Britt from Gramma

I didn’t know I had this. I don’t have my Nanakins anymore and I know I mentioned how nice it is for me to look at cards from her, and here I found another one. <3 that I’m justified in my hoarding of sentimental items, lol, moving on to the during processs and then the finished product!

As you can see…it was a mess! There was a decent size pile of things that my husband needed to take care because I had zero idea where it went.

After filling yet another small trash bag (pictured in the bottom left photo, not yet full) My junk drawer looks practially empty! Lol

How lovely is this? I find myself making a mental note, each time I organize a drawer or cabinet, that I really need to invest in some type of drawer/cabinet organizer. Something to keep things from rolling around in the drawers or from getting pushed aside in the cabinets. I have some ideas on how to tackle those things that I’ll likely share later here. Until thennnnnn however, I’m just gonna keep on trucking along with my mini projects list!

Looking forward to sharing my next project with you all! My front entry closet – sorting and then bagging up items for donation!

Til then,


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