Mini Projects: Day 4

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Today I decided my project would be going through my front entry closet and sorting through the jackets, hats, scarves and whatever else had ended up in there.

You know what I found? …. 2 bags of random stuff.

One had multiple pairs of shoes and the other had ONE shoe + 2 empty bottles. Like, a Pepsi bottle that was obviously my husbands along with (his again..) an empty Starbucks glass bottle.



It was disgusting. How did I not know this crap was in there you may ask? Uh, because it was sitting in a bag at the bottom of the closet SHOVED to the back corner. I I just don’t even know anymore.

It didn’t take long to do this project at all. I had honestly expected it to take at LEAST 30 minutes buuuut nope. I was done with it in MAYBE 20 minutes tops! I’ve also been starting my projects later in the day vs the morning (so far anyway..) as I’ve been busy with school and the regular household cleaning regimen, which is why posting the days project and all that has been either late at night or the next day. I know that come this weekend when my husband is off work, I’ll be doing my projects on Saturday and Sunday in the morning. So here we are at almost 5pm on Day 5 and I’m posting Day 4’s before/after, etc.

Also? I haven’t started my project for today yet, ha. I realized that when I wrote “organize pantry” on my list, it was before I remembered that my pantry is now a lot bigger than it used to be so it needs to be split into TWO projects, not one. Because it is a LARGE project. Maybe I’ll do that this weekend since I’ll have two days back to back to focus on nothing else besides my project list. Yep. That’s what I’m thinking..

Alrighty, so here’s my front entry closet before! It really didn’t look super cluttered or anything but it is SO aggravating to send my oldest to grab jackets for his little brother and himself only to have him holler back “I can’t find them!” REALLY SON? -_- I always always aaaaaaaalllllllwwaaaaaaaays tell him “If you put things back where they are supposed to go, every time, it will always be there when you go to find it again.” but does he listen? Naw. Sure doesn’t. .. okay I’m getting off topic again (this is pretty typical for, you’ll get used to it I suppose)

Since we have two boys, all the coats that are too small for my oldest now but are too big for my youngest – obviously, I’m keeping those and just packing them away for the time when they fit him. Everything else is now packed in a bag awaiting a trip to Goodwill!

So now that I’ve cleaned out the front entry closet, I’ve got a nice pile of hangers hanging in my laundry room, I found my Uggs and I found my favorite rainboots (for the boys).

I consider this to be a huge win! I’m also, yet again, mentally making notes on the type of organization baskets and what not that I want/need for all the areas I’ve done so far lol

And here is the final result! Everything hanging in this closet is now COMPLETELY visible in this photo. I swear if my oldest even dares breathe while THINKING of POSSIBLY saying “I can’t find it” to me now…I’ll know he’s just trying to mess with me. 😉


Stay motivated guys! Til next time! 😉


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