Mini Projects: Day 5

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Let me start this by saying this one thing first. After completing this project..when I walk into my laundry room? There’s an echo. THAT’S HOW MUCH OF A DIFFERENCE IT MADE!

My laundry room wasn’t bursting at the seams or anything..but this is supposed to be about simple mini projects, not massive life altering ones. 😉


I honestly didn’t realize how much stuff was tucked away in here. I found MORE shoes too. I mean..good grief you guys..I’ve found almost a dozen pairs of shoes since I started this mini projects..project. Where am I gonna find them next?!

The black tote featured above had a blanket in it that needed to be folded and put back in the living room, a robe that is way too small for my oldest, some random crap and SHOES. Along with dirt of course.

Because..I have two boys. And boys attract dirt like magnets. So of course the SEVEN pairs of shoes I found not only had dirt on the bottoms but also inside. Again I say…because I have boys. 😉

Allow me to share some snapshots from the process yesterday!

I needed some assistance in removing a shelf in my cabinet to make room for a tall jug and thankfully, my husband was gracious enough to lend a hand with that! 🙂

Here’s the final result! 🙂 Took me over an hour because as I was in there I was obviously doing laundry too. I mean, it’s the laundry room and there’s no way I could physically be in the room without also multi-tasking and actually DOING

Again…it ECHOS in there now haha

I posted a close up of the detergent I use because I seriously love it and if you’re anything like me..when someone posts a photo of prettttyyy much anything..I always zoom in and look at things. I admit it..I’m a nosey heifer. HAHA so yeah..if you’re like me and zoomed in to see what detergent and what not I have in my cabinet there and couldn’t read the label..I figured I’d do you a favor and take one specifically of it for you to see 😉

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