Mini Projects: Day 7 (the Pantry continued..)

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Here we are on Day 7 of my #BHminiprojects and I found myself struggling today. Not because the project was too large, I mean..I’ve split it into 2 days! (Actually make that 3 now..) but because my neck and shoulders are so sore and it’s just got me feeling all blahhhhh!

I also was awful and didn’t do any meal prep this weekend which meant we had dinner “out”. Which means it’ll show on my weekly weigh-in tomorrow morning (ugghhh) which ALSO means that I’m feeling just BLAH.

I always look forward to Mondays because I always feel like I’m hitting a mental Refresh button and I love it!

SO! Tonight, I tackled three shelves in the middle portion of my pantry and will finish the top tomorrow along with another mini project. I didn’t intend on spreading this one project into three days but it is what it is! I’m going to complete one of my super small projects tomorrow with the rest of my pantry to sort of..even things out 😉

So here are the shelves I’ve done today! They might not look super organized but..they are. Lol, trust me!

I have it on my list for this month to skip on by the Dollar Tree to pick up some organization baskets and what-not’s but I’m also going to be browsing there (but more than likely ordering them from Amazon because let’s get real here..I don’t Dollar Tree will have them) for some empty spice containers.

I always always make my own spice blends and there are two bags in my pantry of just that. I’m slowly transitioning my plastic food storage containers to glass..keyword being slowly. I’m going to make sure I share that with you guys too because I freaking love a good pantry reno! Haha



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