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Sally Britton is a bestselling indie author, with four historical romance novels. She contributes to the Historical Hussies blog and teaches a young writer’s class at her local library. Sally received her BA in English from Brigham Young University. She’s always read voraciously and eclectically. 


Sally started her writing journey at the tender age of fourteen on an electric typewriter and she’s never looked back. Sally lives in Arizona with her crime-fighting husband, four children, and their dog. She loves researching, hiking, and geeking out over her favorite books and movies.






A scarred and lonely viscount and an independent young woman are forced into an arranged marriage. What hope do they have for a happily ever after?


Rebecca Devon lives under the severe eye of her aunt and the iron will of her father. Though she wears what she is told and befriends the people they choose for her, she spends every moment longing to do as she wishes. Knowing freedom will only come through marriage, her hopes for a happy union are stolen away when her father arranges her marriage to a complete stranger.


Christian Hundley, Lord Easton, has learned the hard way that English society won’t accept a person who looks or behaves differently than their ideal. He has hidden himself away from scornful eyes for years, until his aging grandfather takes matters in hand and finds Christian a bride. Knowing he must agree to the marriage, Christian shields his heart. If the whole of society cannot accept him, why should his bride?


Rebecca knows she must have love in her life, but Christian is convinced there is nothing so fraught with danger and pain as entrusting one’s heart to another. Rebecca does everything she can to change his mind, but Christian is determined to remain aloof. Can an arranged marriage ever be anything other than a business partnership?


While this is the fifth book in the Regency romance series, Branches of Love, it can be read as a stand-alone romance.






“This is not a game, and you are not a

child,” Christine said firmly. “This is your life. Not a broken toy, or a

spoilt holiday. Loving someone is not so easy as determining not to let the

rain ruin a picnic.”

“Why not?” Rebecca asked. “It is all a matter of

perspective. If I meet this man and choose to see the good in him, the qualities

that one would admire and love in another, it may be enough.”

Christine didn’t appear convinced. “And if that doesn’t work? What is your next

dazzling idea?”

“To be friends, of course. To find a way to make a marriage between us


“What if he is cruel? What if he treats you terribly?” Christine pressed the

issue, her dark brown eyes full of apprehension.

“There is no use worrying on it until it proves to be the case,” Rebecca said,

then cleared her throat when she heard the tremble in her voice. “If I have no

choice in who I marry, I must at least hold onto the possibility of choosing

how I go about my life with this man. Don’t you understand, Christine? Hope and

my wits are all I have.”







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