Pawn (Shadow Fate #1) by Sophie Davis

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Pawn by Sophie Davis (Shadow Fate #1) Review

Pawn by Sophie Davis is the second book by Sophie Davis that I’ve read but it’s the first that I’ve finished! I have this awful habit (..not sure if it’s really a bad habit to be honest..) of starting a new book and then getting a few chapters in and seeing a recommendation for another new book..and then starting that one too. And so on and so on. Think..Doug from Up – “SQUIRREL!” – Yeah that’s me with books.

Well after finishing this book, I’ll be pushing all the others to the side so I can dive into more of Sophie Davis’ work because Pawn was really that good. I started reading it at night (which is pretty usual for me) but whoaa nelly I got chills while reading the opening chapter! My hands were fidgeting nervously and I was biting my lip because I didn’t know what was going to happen.


Not that it matters too much, but I didn’t read the synopsis for this book so I literally had NO idea what it was about. If you can go into this book that way too, I would suggest it. I don’t know why but I just found it that much more mysterious!


“You may get a second chance at life, but that doesn’t mean it’s yours to keep…”


I really loved the dreams/nightmares and the back and forth between the characters. Honestly, I didn’t know what was going to happen next. I have the tendency of sort of figuring things out while reading. I always try to NOT figure things out but sometimes I can’t help it. Pawn definitely had me reading and reading and so enthralled that I wasn’t able to just think about the story. I remember a couple times when I thought to myself “Oh no, he’s not going to be there” but that was as far as I got.
Surprisingly, I didn’t see anything coming – in the best way possible! I am SUPER excited for the next book titled Sacrifice which is now available for pre-order and releases NEXT month! November 18th to be exact. So holy smokes, it’s so close!

Sophie Davis
(Shadow Fate, #1)
Publication date: October 28th 2018
Genres: Teen, Young Adult, Greek & Roman Myths & Legends

USA Today Bestselling Author Leia Stone: “With a magnetic cast of characters, Pawn is an electrifying tale of secrecy and suspense, taking the reader into a world of angels and mythology like I’ve never seen before.”

In ten days, my world went from lacrosse practice and AP exams to trysts at a biker hangout and fighting destiny.
After a dare gone wrong on her 18th birthday, Endora Andrews’ dreams begin to come true. Endora’s new ability seems harmless, until her dreams turn to nightmares.
When she meets the mysterious and swoon-worthy Kaydon, he seems to be the key to uncovering the source of her prophecies. Kaydon has many secrets and all the answers.
You may get a second chance at life, but that doesn’t mean it’s yours to keep…

About Sophie Davis:

USA Today Bestselling Author of a dozen books in four series, “Sophie Davis” is in fact a pseudonym for two best friends, roommates, and now writing partners. The pair met at the Dickinson School of Law and instantly bonded over their love of great books and bad horror movies. After they graduated, when one longed for the ability to read minds so she wouldn’t have to study for the bar exam, a Saga was born. When the Talented Saga went on to be an internationally bestselling series, the girls decided to throw caution to the wind and follow their shared life-long dream of being writers.

The duo currently lives in Washington, D.C. with a poodle and a rescued mutt. The pups are their faithful companions–with frequent social media appearances–as the girls navigate the world of Indie Publishing.
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