Pretender (Drop if Death #2) by BC Morgan – EARLY RELEASE!

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Early Release Announcement!

Pretender, the second book in the Drop of Death Series by BC Morgan dropped 10 days early!

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My name is Zara King and I’m still fighting to stay alive.

Isolone has brought nothing but threat and danger to my life, throwing me into turmoil again and again. I thought all I wanted was to escape and live my life outside, I guess I should have been careful what I wished for. Thrust out into a world wrought with danger with six other people and only one I know I can trust, I’m about to discover that beyond the wall the world is just as scary.

And even though we are the only humans out here, we aren’t the only species wandering around, the wildlife has been changed into a greater threat than we could have anticipated. If that isn’t bad enough, there’s also a threat to my life from my own team, I may not be in Isolone right now, but it’s still trying to kill me and I’m still refusing to just lay back and let it happen.

Relationships will be made, bonds will be forged and lives will be lost and we will find out just how good at acting we truly are. I’ve been pretending ever since I was put on the Elixir and the reasons to continue my charade are only growing.
I have my allies and men who say they want me but when push comes to shove will they fight to stay by my side or roll over and die. My enemies haven’t changed but their methods have differed and its hard to stay one step ahead.

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